Prueba de igualdad de un conjunto de modelos lineales y sus aplicaciones

LEYVA CHÁVEZ, ARWELL NATHÁN (2018) Prueba de igualdad de un conjunto de modelos lineales y sus aplicaciones. Maestría thesis, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua.

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In vitro, the success of the embryo lies in the quality of the oocyte that gave rise to it. This quality, called competence, is obtained by the oocyte during folliculogenesis through bidirectional communication between the gamete and the cumular cells. In this communication the secret oocyte OSFs, which act by activating cellular and molecular processes in follicular cells, promoting the development of a competent oocyte. As a basis Castro Valenzuela (2015) found probable OSF (SDF2L1, OOSP1, TNFAIP6, PTGS2, POSTN, P4HA3, PTX3, PSAP, SERPINE2, SRGN, INHBA, SRPX, CTSK), the objective of this work was to analyze the expression of these genes in both, immature and metaphase II oocytes, to establish gene networks that allow to propose new cell cultures prototypes to improve the oocytes. Real-time PCR analysis indicated that the expression of PTX3, INHBA, TNFAIP6, POSTN, CTSK, SDF2L1 and PTGS2 was significantly (P <0.05) higher in the metaphase II oocyte. The ACP showed that the oocytes were grouped into two regions according to their stage, where most of the genes were displaced towards the MII region. Networks show that genes are organized differently at each stage. Concluding that the expression of these genes was change during the transition from immature oocyte to MII, there is also a network with positive correlations, organized: in immature oocyte, INHBA, PTGS2, SDF2L1 and CTSK and in oocyte MII, INHBA, TNFAIP6, CTSK and SDF2L1. By involving INHBA in positive correlations, it could be thought that it controls the transition from immature oocyte to MII, so it could be a candidate to improve oocyte culture medium.

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