Reconstrucción de imágenes por medio de autómatas celulares

López Ortega, Eliana (2018) Reconstrucción de imágenes por medio de autómatas celulares. Maestría thesis, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua.

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Chihuahua,Chih. 2018. In this project we propose a new method to resize images, since many of the current methods, such as interpolations, comparing only the adjacent pixels; 4 pixels in the case of the bilinear, 16 in the bicubic interpolation and in the case of bilinear spline interpolation or bicubic spline performs the processing of the form similar to the pixels neighboring the desired interpolation point, only that it uses functions to smooth it and define it, but also to these methods the processing time and the quality of the images They are not always the desired ones. The method presented here can be useful when time and quality are important factors in the processing of the image, since it is based on the preservation of the edges, making partitions of digital images. For this, it uses cellular automata that divide the image, to work in small areas which preserves the quality of the edges of an unknown pixel based on the direction of the edges of its neighbors, and unites each partition until obtaining an improved complete image. Due to the techniques used for this method the results of processing an image makes it possible to enlarge the image without losing quality, besides the processing time is small.

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Palabras Clave: Reconstruction of images, Cellular Automata, Edge Detector, Resized, Pixels, Remmaping.
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