Evaluación de pavimentos semirrígido a escala real empleando el simulador de vehículos pesados HVS

Blanco Méndez, Francisco (2018) Evaluación de pavimentos semirrígido a escala real empleando el simulador de vehículos pesados HVS. Maestría thesis, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua.

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Evaluación de PavimentoSemirrígido a Escala Real empleando el Simulador de Vehículos Pesados HVS.pdf

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In recent years pavement design methodologies have gone from having purely empirical bases to empirical-mechanistic bases, which are constituted by scientific concepts that better represent the mechanical behavior of a pavement structure before the loads imposed by the vehicles and their interaction with the environment. The mathematical models of behavior and performance applied in these methodologies have been obtained from different types of experiments and tests, submitted under traffic and climate simulations, which have been successfully carried out mainly in test sections and in full-scale accelerated pavement testing. This research presents the work carried out for the analysis and evaluation of the first accelerated test on a full-scale pavement carried out in the IMT, using the HVS Heavy Vehicle Simulator Mark VI. To this end, a total of 11.5 million ESALs of 8 tons were applied in a section of semi-rigid pavement, having as main objectives the study of the structural capacity of the pavement by means of the Backcalculation process of effective elastic modulus E, as well as the monitoring of cracking due to fatigue and permanent deformation.

Tipo de Documento: Tesis (Maestría)
Palabras Clave: Semi-rigid Pavement, Empirical-mechanistic, Accelerated Test, HVS, ESALs, Backcalculation, effective elastic Modulus E, Fatigue, Permanent deformation.
Clasificación temática: T Technology > TE Highway engineering. Roads and pavements
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