Diversidad de roedores y sus parásitos en zonas áridas de México

Córdoba Fierro, Tanhia Alejandra (2018) Diversidad de roedores y sus parásitos en zonas áridas de México. Maestría thesis, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua.

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Two municipalities and two localities in the state of Chihuahua (Jimenez and Aldama) and in the state of Durango (Hidalgo y Tlahualillo) were sampled, in semi desert and desert ecosystems, characterized by a high incidence of wild rodents. This study aims to understand the species diversity of the orders Rodentia and Siphonaptera in the four ecosystems through the taxonomic identification of the captured specimens and the calculation of biodiversity indexes like richness, relative abundance, Simpson, Shannon and Jaccard indexes. For rodents, the dominant species in the four sites was Merriam's kangaroo rat (Dipodomys merriami) with 76, 22, 40 and 28 % of the total rodent individuals in Aldama, Jimenez, Tlahualillo and Zarca respectively. Areas with the higher values of the Shannon index like Jimenez, reveals that the site has a regular to high diversity with a value of 2.13 being 5 the maximum value for this index, Aldama was the lowest in diversity with 0.9078. The sites with the highest percentage of bare soil like Aldama and Tlahualillo had less rodent species. For the ectoparasites, 763 individuals were identified, this represents 4 families and 16 species, Meringis altipecten was identified as the most abundant in Aldama, Jiménez and La Zarca with 68, 55 and 59 % respectively. Only in Tlahualillo Orchopeas leucupus is the most abundant with 41%. he values of wealth for Shannon go from the highest 1.64, in Tlahualilo, the lowest 0.54, in Aldama. The sites with the highest number of plant species showed more species of rodents with fleas, it can be inferred that the type of vegetation does not influence the richness of these because Tlahualilo showed greater richness

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